People work Perfectly

No one wants to look at the mess in their lives, thinking: this mess is as a result of what I think and believe!

 That just demoralizes people completely. Sadly, the statement is true. So maybe, investing some time and effort (that’s all it will cost) in success-bringing beliefs is required.

 As shared in part one—A survey of the Top 500 companies in the world revealed that they share a common denominator. All 500 companies hold the same, or at least very similar, beliefs of excellence. Furthermore, they are convinced that by applying this formula, any person or business will be able to duplicate their excellence.

The first of these beliefs was: THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY. The second is : PEOPLE WORK PERFECTLY

 As goal achieving, purposeful systems, people are remarkably effective. We are born fearless and without opinion. We learn every behaviour, fear and habit. We have learned how to respond in certain situations. All these behaviours and responses function with flawless perfection. When we do the same thing repeatedly, we tend to get the same results.

It is as if we function like computers. Our brains are the hardware. What we fill our minds with would be the equal to the software of a computer. Our education, upbringing and experiences load our computers with programs. When we push the correct buttons, the programs start working. There are no glitches or system crashes in our computers. The programs with which we load our computers work perfectly. THUS - The system works – perfectly. If negative intentions get into our personal program, they work effectively. Constant and specific thoughts, beliefs and feelings will constantly produce specific results. If you continue to use the same feelings, thoughts and beliefs, you will continue to achieve the same results.

All be it viewed as a negative behaviour, the ability we have to sulk requires excellent skill. If you can sulk for long periods, then the skills operate in us without fault. The behaviour or skills used might be detrimental to our personal or financial growth, but they work perfectly. Someone fainting at the sight of blood may not seem to be beneficial to onlookers, but it aids the individual to avoid getting involved in a potentially traumatic experience. The person may have had a bad experience in a traumatic experience that involved blood, and has developed a defence mechanism to assist them in avoiding future experiences. Therefore, in fact, the person and the system that they have chosen (even if it was subconsciously) works perfectly.

If we load a computer with only software to produce a spread sheet – it is all that the computer will do. We can demand that it edits your home movies; you can slap the screen in order to play games, but until you load the relevant programs, the computer will only produce spread sheets. You may not be satisfied with the results of the system, but the computer and its software works perfectly.

If we would like to achieve different results to those we have had in the past – we need to do some-thing different – such as – load different software! As a human, this would mean that you would have to take hold of some beliefs and some skills to bring about the change you want. Exercise this belief and skills until the system works perfectly.
No one wants to look at the mess in their lives, thinking: this mess is as a result of ... Read the rest here!

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