What is Mind Mutter? Part 2 – The Force Within

What is Mind Mutter? Part 2 – The Force Within

Condescending, encouraging, rebuking and challenging! The relentless muttering of our internal voice is ceaseless and extremely effective! You cannot out shout Mind Mutter! You cannot kill it with affirmations. It won’t reduce because you ignore it. Mind Mutter is the driver of the force that is within you, and is unwilling to let go of that steering wheel. It is time to stop ignoring it or running from it. It is time to embrace your only true motivator. It is a fact that mind mutter matters most in effective and efficient self-development.

In Part 1 of “What is Mind Mutter – Average Enforcer”, we discovered that each person has various roles that we play each day. Each role has varying degrees of success and reward. Mind Mutter is the collective voice of these various roles, which becomes a super-voice in our heads that guides us and governs all our decisions and goal making processes.  It is time to discover the capabilities of this super charged internal motivating force and harness it to reach the goals and success you have always planned for.

Recently I have been exposed to some teachings, talks and books, which give some instruction on dealing with the potential and greatly misunderstood force of Mind Mutter. Some have said the strategy is to shout positive affirmations louder than the voice criticizes you in your head. You will fail. Mind Mutter is not easily bullied. Some have alluded to the fact that you must ignore the persistent condescending voice and plan for greatness. Mind Mutter will trip you up. Some insist that reminding your internal bully about all your successes will changes its tone. Nope. Mind Mutter will just riddle you with guilt for the areas which you neglect to improve.

Mind Mutter will prevail and you will return to your life average. Please! This is not a negative thing. Oh no! The success and relentless drive of Mind Mutter holds powerful keys to accessing your internal motivator and unleashing its power. You ignore Mind Mutter at your own peril. I listen to Average Joe type people struggling to energize their goals with enthusiasm and I think to myself – Pal, you have not engaged your Mind Mutter. I hear how the Business Mogul hits her head on the glass ceiling, and put it down to how they have reached the full capacity of their potential. No. That glass ceiling will be shattered once you engage Mind Mutter.

Am I saying that all the previous teachers on self-development and personal improvement are wrong? No, not at all. Positive affirmations and repetition thereof play an important role in upgrading your personal life average. Changing and amending beliefs and values also has a powerful effect on improving your personal worth score.  But, like our athletes in Part 1 of this article, you cannot just focus on one specific area of your life and expect sustainable results. One role focus will give you tunnel vision and you won’t see Mind Mutter reading itself to trip you up.

Mind Mutter is most effective when all the roles are developed. Positive Mind Mutter is at its most powerful when goals are correctly set. Mind Mutter is at its most influential when you negotiate a personal global view of your identity and self-worth. It’s necessary to engage with your personal Mind Mutter voice, to clearly define goals, ambitions, expectations and desired outcomes. You must deal with concerns and objections raised by the Mind Mutter during these conversations. Does that mean goofy self-talk when no one is looking? Yup. Does that mean renegotiating with Mind Mutter after failure to achieve goals? Yup, again. Is this one of those tedious tasks of trial and error to get it right? Three out of three – yup!

There is no doubt that negotiating with you own Mind Mutter is a laborious task that will be racked with confusion, mistakes and retakes. But, if you are serious about improving your worth, if you mean business when it comes to goal setting, then, embracing Mind Mutter is the only path to take.  

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