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21 Laws of Leadership

21 Laws of Leadership

John C. Waxwell has played a major role in developing my views and opinions concerning leadership. My very first workbook on leadership was written by Mr Maxwell.

The 21 laws of leadership helped me get a firm understanding on leadership, on what is expected and how to equip myself.

Below are a series of articles that I compiled from my own years of research, gathered and sorted under each of the 21 laws. These are not neccessairly the views of John C Maxwell, but my own collections sorted by the 21 Laws to aid understanding.

The Law of the Lid
1. 5 Areas of Growth a Leader should Continually Develop
2. 8 Essential Skills Everyone Should Have
3. The 3 K's of Leadership Development
4. 5 Steps to Authentic Leadership

The Law of Influence
1. The Myth and Magic of Influence in Leadership

The Law of Process
1. 5 Areas of Responsibility for a Leader
2. 6 Steps of Engagement
3. 5 Phases of Team Development

The Law of Navigation
1. Leaders are Directional

The Law of Addition
1. 4 Ways to Add Value as a Leader

The Law of Solid Ground
1. Reliability is as a Leader Does
2. Avoid being a NEEDY Leader
3. Needy Leader - The Flip Side

The Law of Respect
1. 6 Thngs Others Respect in a True Leader

The Law of Intuition
1. The 6th Sense of Great Leadership

The Law of Magnetism
1. Mirror, Mirror in the Boardroom ...

The Law of the Picture
1. Leader, Show them the picture

The Law of the Inner Circle
1. Quality Inner Circle makes for Qaulity Ladership

The law of Connection
1. 4 Keys for Leadership Connection

The Law of Victory

The Law of Empowerment
1. 3 Obstacles for Empowering Others

The Law of Buy-In
1. 4 Principles of Buy-In

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