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There are as many theories and models for leadership as there are leaders themselves. Some of these leadership philosophies are hard to practice in life or business. In twenty five years of life coaching and leadership development I have seen my fair share of various leadership styles; from the self-promoting self-proclaimed autocratic boss all the way to the invisible hero that impacts a generation's life style, yet no one knows his name.

As leaders age, so their approach evolves, only to see the younger generations of dynamic personalities failing to pick up the torch and move on from the foundation laid. It seems that leaders are doomed to repeat the mistakes and failures of the previous generation. The fault lies not within the style or lessons of leadership as some suppose, but rather with the manner in which young leaders are groomed.

Each generation or two seems to regard their forefathers' leadership ability as redundant. They eagerly dig up leadership styles of generations long forgotten and repackage them, only to have them stamped as out-of-date by the generation that follows them. This eternal cycle of rehashing and modernising leadership styles blinds us to the real problem that each of us faces - laying the correct foundation for leadership.

Before I get slammed for favouring a specific generation's style over another, I'm not. We are at a place where instead of dressing up previous styles, we should rather take leadership to the next level. Leaders of all types; whether socially, politically, religious or in business; are custodians of leadership and should be involved in laying the ground work for the youth to have solid footing from which to grow. 

Leadership is made difficult by the various style options applicable in different areas of life and business. Leadership is full of difficult decisions about being creative or reactive, relative or task oriented. It is a way of life and a life-long journey, made harder by a poor start. Yet, the four basic pillars of leadership remain constant regardless of the application, style or generation applying them: Self Awareness, Authentic Relationship Networking, Working Communication, Task and System Awareness.

These four ingredients mixed together with a healthy dose of authenticity forms a strong foundation from which we can develop leaders that have the confidence and support to be able to grow in any direction they choose. Authentic Leadership is complex and difficult to maintain without the correct guidance, support, feedback and rewards. We owe it to the generation waiting to step up; we owe it to ourselves to invest in the development of healthy leadership foundations.

Even if someone does not pick up the challenge to become a world-changing leader, at least he or she will have all the ingredients to be effectively and fully engaged in their own life and personal development. This investment of time, energy and advice into the foundation of leadership will not only improve the quality of future leaders, but will also raise the level of engagement people have in their own personal lives. God knows, at this stage, we need it!

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