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John's Travel Diary

Simple, Open Honest Personal Opinions on Camping, Leisure Resorts, Game Farms, Tourist Destinations

Johnny Who?

  • My Name is John
  • I live in South Africa
  • I am a birdwatcher and photographer
  • I like travelling to tourist destinations as well as off the beaten track places
  • I review, note and discuss all the places that I have been, once I have been
  • I don't get paid by the resorts, and I don't tell them I am going to review them on this site.
  • I am single, but often take people with. So, views are not all my own. Some are shared views of the people that went with.
  • I like green clean living. I climb, abseil, cycle, canoe, run, hike.
  • I prefer places that are close to large water bodies; rivers, dams, lakes, ocean, etc.
  • I camp in a tent, but take the caravan holiday maker into consideration.

Visit The Location Pages

  • I visit the location - unannounced, private and paid for by my self.
  • I review the venue - good or bad - on their own page on my site.
  • Hook you up with links to their social media outlets - web sites, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • You can view them yourself.
  • Feel free to make comments

 The Locations


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