Mind Mutter Matters

Oh Yes It Does!

The Inner Voice. Voices in your head. The voice of your heart. Call it what you will, Mind Mutter is probably the single most influential factor in determining your success. Point.

I casually use 'probably' as to not offend the sceptic in you, but I really mean - it is the single most influential factor in your personal success!

Did you get that? 

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Consider that Mind Mutter is the collective voice of all the roles that you play in your life.

Each one of us plays multiple roles in our daily living. For example, I am a male, and I am a dad. I'm also a son, a brother, a lover and a friend. Around my work life I play roles of writer, artist, speaker, marketer, negotiator and deal maker.

Each one of the roles I have in my life consists of values, beliefs and behaviors. 

Each role has a little voice of experience that tries to guide and lead us through our daily living. Together, all these single little voices make a stronger collective inner voice of persuasion. This collective voice of our multiple roles is called Mind Mutter.

We all know that voice; the condescending, correcting, self doubting voice that seems to never stop. This voice continuously pokes and prods us with guilt trips. It reminds us of past failures and ironically - ridicules us because we have not reached our potential.  

You may term Mind Mutter as the inner conscience, the guiding voice, voice of reason or call it the nagging little voice in your head, but of this your can be sure - it has a purpose, and it is here to stay!

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Image result for whereMind Mutter will prevail and you will return to your life average. Please! This is not a negative thing. Oh no! The success and relentless drive of Mind Mutter holds powerful keys to accessing your internal motivator and unleashing its power.

You ignore Mind Mutter at your own peril. I listen to Average Joe type people struggling to energize their goals with enthusiasm and I think to myself – Pal, you have not engaged your Mind Mutter.

I hear how the Business Mogul hits her head on the glass ceiling, and put it down to how they have reached their full potential. No. That glass ceiling will be shattered once you engage Mind Mutter.

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The behaviour of Mind Mutter is as unique and individual as each person.

Positive Mind Mutter has both positive behaviour and intent. The intention of Mind Mutter is driven by the values and beliefs that give Mind Mutter its strength and authority.

Negatively driven Mind Mutter has many negative behaviours, but often the intention behind it is positive.

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Image result for 18 wheeler truck
Our lives can be compared to eighteen-wheeler trucks. The cab and trailer are our thoughts and lives. The wheels are the various roles we play in our lives in order to carry us to where we want to be.
Each of us has many roles that we use on a daily basis, depending on when and where we find ourselves. For example, the roles I play in my life would include: a male, a man, a dad, a son, a brother, a friend, a business owner, a manager, a lecturer and a writer. The identity of any role is defined when we complete the sentence "I am..."!

Each role has its own identity, its own name. Each role has values and beliefs that answer the question "what is important to this role?" Each role has a set of skills and abilities that are translated into behaviours and actions. On closer inspection you may discover that each role has its own set of lingo, words and quirks that are unique to that role. Maybe the role even has its own dress code.

What sets a role apart from others is its unique experience which has formed and refined the role. This experience is coded into a belief, and regulates the roles worth or value, like a score card.
The coded or scored belief and experience gives each role a guiding voice. The role uses the experiences and overall score for the role to advise and counsel us as we grow, develop and move forward in our lives. This little quiet voice of the role has our best interest at heart, and advises us according to the role score combined with the roles goals and expectations.

The purpose or aim of the guiding voice of experience for that role is to ensure that our standard of living around this average score of the role.

Here is the catch - not only is the score of the various roles combined to give us a collective score, but the voices combine too.
As the Truck generates sound (a voice) from its motor, and the noise from each wheel in contact with the road, that is heard not individually, but collectively.
In the same manner the roles in my life combine to form a united voice that is hard to distinguish individually.  This unified voice is not a quiet voice of experience that suggest options for our present and our future. Rather, it's a strong voice of authority that almost dictates the outcomes of decisions based on experience. Each voice combines to form a strong voice of reason and experience, that I have labelled Mind Mutter.
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