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This book has a dual personality. First and foremost - It is a self-development introduction, discussing the origins, purpose and process of values and beliefs. Secondly, woven into the non-fictional fibre of the theme, is a fantasy story that gives an account of Osram, a Slayer that seeks to rescue a Princess from the dragon that stole her. This short story follows the hero on his journey, revealing the characters' values and how he benefits from the understanding they bring to his life. The story shadows the non-fictional content and exercises given in the book, providing a wonderful example of a possible practical application.

As facts in life cannot be separated from our daily experience, this short book offers a combination of facts on core values and beliefs, which cannot be separated from the insights and examples of fellowship, connection and understanding. This book, as little as it is, reveals the true value behind the most powerful driving force in our lives. Values and beliefs make us who we are, cause what we do, guide where we go and determine what we achieve. We cannot separate who we are from our values and beliefs. We cannot act, decide or think apart from these guiding forces. This book is ideal for those people that are just embarking on a self-improvement adventure, or for those individuals that would like to discover the true meaning of this life. The Dragon and The Slayer will set the tone of your discoveries.

Development Happens

Development Happens
Progressive, adaptable and intelligent - don't each one of us believe that we ourselves hold these qualities. I am a big fan of Ted Talks. I religiously watch two or three talks on a daily basis. Some I watch the same talk two or three times to wrap my little brain around the concepts being shared, sometimes I watch the talk only once because it resonates so deep inside of me to confirm what I already believe or think.  There hasn't been a talk that I would criticise, until now.

I chose death to celebrate life

Two years of an emotional rollercoaster ride was stabilised and healed through validation. The process had left me feeling invisible
and worthless. A new friend recognised the hurt and rejection in my life and paid attention. That was all the was required! The attention this new friend paid did not solve my problems, nor did it rescue my marriage. It was more than that. The attention the new friend paid to me validated my presence on this planet and gave me a sense of self-worth and a sense of belonging. Now it was my turn to validate someone's life by opting to die.

Debunking Inner Voice Myths

Learning is a pleasurable experience, on which I put a great amount of value. Recently I spent a day at a conference, well-known speakers, about self-development. Apart for the usual “ra-ra-buy-my-products” sales talk in between, it was a good conference, with much learning on offer. However, one thing did stand out as peculiar - How WRONG people are about self-talk!

Free Engagement Course

Free Course Registration!!!  This course is designed specifically for those who feel that there is more to life. Sometimes we know there is more (Or at least we hope there is more!) but we just not sure how to go about it. 

Sense Preference

School was a perpetual state of fog as far as I was concerned. Even in the lower grades I struggled to comprehend and connect to the lessons on offer. Simple instructions would cause me great anxiety. A simple instruction like: “Close your eyes and imagine a big old oak tree!” So, can you do it? Can you close your eyes and instantly visualize an old oak tree projected from the depths of your brain onto the inside of your forehead? You can? Good for you! But not everyone can do this. Well, I can’t. I have to talk my way through the picture. I speak the oak tree into my imagination.