Dear Me! To Be Read 21 Feb 2029!

Hey older me! Hahaha  Happy birthday!! Here you are at 60. Congrats on the car. I hope its our colour. My Colour. Your Colour. Ag wat, you know what I mean.
I hope the training for the Loskop marathon is going well. You should have been training for more than a month by now.

Puzzles and Purpose


Driving back from a visit with my beautiful five year old
today, I thought about the first time i met her. Well, when I say I met her, it was more like I got a glimpse of her. A few years before she was born, i went through a time of pondering my personal life puzzle. I was enquiring from God won how all the pieces fit together, if some missing and what should I do with my life? I was in a dismal relationship with no prospects, and I was dissatisfied with work too.

It was then I saw a clip of the life of a beautiful girl, dynamic, strong, intelligent and captivating. It wasn't a clip on YouTube. It was more like MindTube.

Infidelity and Renewal

“I “I have not had sex with another person from the time we started dating until we got divorced. Can you say the same thing?” Smugness dripped from her words as she leered down at me from her moral high ground.  A strange question, I felt, considering we had been divorced a while. A strange question, I felt, as the topic of infidelity never came up through our entire relationship.

Mathimatical Motivation

I was never the most enthusiastic kid in the class when it came to mathematics. I barely scrapped by. It wasn't until I took up art and painting portraits that I began to see the value of numbers. I began to explore the usefulness of mathematics in art and discovered its presence in music. Recently, I discovered that mathematics and motivation have a relationship too.

EEK! vs. YAWN!

Personal development centers around goal setting. The central theme for most motivational or self development speakers and courses,  revolve around the participants ability to effectively engage and achieve goals.

Who's Career is it Anyway?

This talk usually starts with a question: “Who do you work for?”  The course participants will give a variety of answers, usually starting with the name of the company. Some offer the name of their direct manager, and some will venture a name of the CEO. What answer would you give had I asked you the question?