Pinky and the Corona virus

As a fan of juicy, world dominating, conspiracies, *drool,* what I really hate about these theories is the inevitable fate of the hapless victims.

 Conspiracies paint a picture where people are clueless, powerless, and directionless puppets controlled by unseen forces, like the illuminati, the Chinese, or even aliens.

 The "larger than life" threats range from mind altering chemicals slipped into the drinking water, infectious diseases intentionally flighted, or the "mother ship" looming behind the moon. All of which have the same effect on mankind: panicked scurrying around like rats in a lab, waiting to die.


 If the reality is that we are merely the victims of a worldwide con for "pharma" to make more profit, or worse yet - we're rats in a large scale lab as some science project, then I dibs to be "Pinky" from the famous lab rats that attempt to take over the world each night.

 So, what actions are available to the lab rats in this time of hysteria? Do nothing? Do we bury our heads in the sand? Pffft, this is simply not an acceptable option.

 Should we blame the goverment? GREAT! Let's give our power away. Even thought they have a massive role to play in minimising and managing the current disaster, never in the history of goverment has the goverment ever spearheaded a solution.

 Like Pinky and Brain, we, the lab rats, need to take ownership, not by attempting to take over the world, but taking back control of our own lab cages. We do this by first stilling the storm inside our own selves.

 Start by educating yourself about the Corona virus, not through "Big News Hype," but through informed sources. Angela James offers balanced Choices for family and Business alike. Look her up and empower yourself.

 From an informed position, make wise decisions that are good for you, your family, your business, and ... the country. We must keep in mind, we are in this together, and we need to act like responsible citizens. We need to stop promoting fear driven comments and concepts. Let's be the kind of people that offer support and encouragement, focused on finding solutions.

 Panic is a sign you have given away your power, which results in the loss of hope as we accept the inevitability of our fate. Yet, it's Pinky and the Brain's unyielding hope that drives them to escape the cage of fate each night, and to forge their own destiny.

 So Mr. & Mrs Conspiracist, you criticise those that believe in God for a solution? You bluntly mock those with hope for a positive outcome? Their hope strengthens their connection with God and humanity. Their hope urges the to be an active part of the solution. Isn't that what we should do during a global disaster?

 I urge you, take your head out of the sand, get informed, and step up as a responsible citizen by playing your role in the solution. The part of "the Brain" is vacant, and the World is waiting for you to audition.

Kay se rah, what will your actions be?

One would think that the actions taken to achieve a vision would actually take you closer to that goal. Indeed, successful people and companies alike focus on doing only the tasks and activities that carry them closer to their destination. This is called "efficiency."

 It's staggering to observe just how much "inefficiency" happens. People get caught up, worn down, and burnt out, committed to actions that at best, takes them no where, and at worst, takes them further away from their goal.

 What's really shocking is how many people actually take no action towards achievement of their ideal life at all, leaving the outcome to "che sera, sera, whatever will be will be." If they had no ambition, this attitude would be perfectly reasonable, but it is usually people with a dream that do nothing about it.

 "Faith," I hear you bellow. "The non-active are believing for the outcome" you reason. Possibly. However, faith is a strong emotion wrapped tightly in definitive actions, rarely demonstrated by the passively ambitious this article refers to.

 People tend to start out right, but in the haze of the sweat and grind they lose sight of the vision, getting bogged down in stuff. It doesn't matter how important the "stuff" is, it distracts from the success desired.

 Critical evaluation about actions, or the lack thereof, is necessary. Have a deep and honest look into the vision and actions taken, like only you can, and ask - does this action or task take me closer to my goal? If the answer is "yes," then hooray! If the answer is "no," then duh! What could/should you do to get you closer to where you want to be?

 The kairos model, in the U4 leadership system, is a great guide to evaluate the efficiency of your tasks and actions. Follow OAK Training, and check in here daily for more tips and tricks to shape your leadership journey.


What is the U49 Leadership System?

A leader is defined as someone that guides a team to achieve a vision for a cause, a company, or even a country. The vision can be as simple as planting a tree, or as complex as taking a country to greatness. This definition of a leader touches every person, even you, in the process.

Whether you are the creator of the vision, or someone contracted to help achieve it, the U49 Leadership System has something special for everyone. With its unique philosophies and tools, the U49 is a development system for everything related to the achievement of a vision, offering advice and guidance to the beginner, and the seasoned leader.

The U49 Leadership System has four legs, including: leader, team, action, and vision. Each leg is loaded with laws, principles, and strategies that shape the leader's knowledge, skills, and attitude, equipping them with the mastery needed for successful vision achievement.

The four legs of the U49 melt effortlessly into three simple models that offer guidance to all the role players at different stages of the vision's process, and include:
• Tharros, the courage model, designed to help define the universal view, the "why" of the vision,
• Kairos, the opportunity model, designed to help pick the timing of the vision,
• Axios, the capacity model, designed to help the leader with the "how" of leadership strategy.

Separately, the three models offer answers to very specific questions in the vision's achievement. Together, the three models offer a complete guide to walking in the leader's inferno.

The U49, however, is not recommended for the faint of heart. It isn't a hack into psuedo-leadership, with bling and empty promises. The U49 offers leaders insight into the high road, and expects them to show up with grit and determination. It's a system focused on the development of leaders that are concerned about more than just their social media image, but have a vested interest in developing people, communities, provinces or even nations.

The U49 won't promise you a quick lesson, or speedy results. It will give you a sure and steady light to guide your leader, team, and vision development. Connect with OAK Training, as we offer more information, insights and events around the U49 Leadership System for your vision's success.


The U49 Leadership System

You are forgiven for thinking that the articles posted here over the last couple of months were random and haphazard. Nothing could be further from the truth.

 You may even think that the majority of articles were just emotional and religious, or at least "spiritual" in nature. Although that is partly true, it is not the whole truth.

 Fact of the matter is that all the articles have been deliberate and grouped into four categories, namely; the vision, the leader, the team, and the action. These four categories combined together form "leadership" as defined by the U49 leadership system.

 There is no doubt that what we do in our private lives affects our public performances. This idea is reinforced under the U49, with it assigning personal development topics to the leader, including; mission, truth, and the "I am."

 Actually, a lot of what falls under "the team," "the action," and "the vision" comes from the internal drive, values, beliefs, and principles of the leader. The U49 leadership system looks at a holistic development for the leader, including emotional and spiritual principles, in order to give the leader the best chance possible at success.

 The U49 offers training and guidance focused on and around the leader, and their view of being of service, in order to make leadership sustainable and of true value.

 With all the news and fears around disease sweeping the world, it is clear that our world has changed, and requires a leadership with a different perspective, a different heart, to be successful.

 Goodness knows we need a new breed of leader to stand up and offer hope. Isn't it time that you equipped yourself to be a part of the solution? Follow OAK Training for more articles on sustainable leadership as defined by the U49 leadership system.


Tharros, the courageous planning model

Fear of the unknown stops many people from living their best life. Mediocrity slips in, making their existence a drag, simply because they're afraid to let their potential see the light of day.

 When people say they are afraid of the unknown, you must know that they haven't planned! Planning is the simple art of throwing potential into the darkness of the unknown, and allowing its brilliance to shine a light on the path we ought to take to move forward.

 Most visions and dreams never manifest because they're never planned out. Planning inevitably reveals the challenges and efforts that lie waiting, ready to pounce, ready to paralyse, somewhere between our present and the success we want in the future. This evokes fear in the planner and puts people off from attempting to live out greatness.

Tharros, the courage model of the U49 leadership system, is a tool to plan the way forward in a manner that instills confidence. The model encourages planning in logical steps, asking us to develop mastery in each phase, which stirs bravery to attempt the next. 

Talk to me about how to get more information on the U49 leadership system, with its unique Tharros Model of courageous planning. When we know where we want to go, we can prepare ourselves for the challenges that await us. In this process, the fear of the unknown is whittled away to reveal calculated steps, each minimising the risks, each step defining the next, until we have a clear, well lit, walkable path ahead of us.