I have had a constant 15 year battle to be true! No, I am not talking about speaking honestly. I am not even talking about acting in an honest manner that shows integrity. These things are second nature to me and I assume that those around me do their work and conduct business in a manner that promotes honesty and truth. This battle that I have is more personal than integrity and honesty. This battle is less about truth and more about congruence. What is congruence? Wikipedia states that congruence is the state of agreement , or a state achieved by coming together.

Plan A not working?

As a minimalist it always amuses me how clogged people get in their thinking. What really tickles me is how repetitive people are in their thought process, especially in solving problems. 

Even with the advent of readily available information on the internet, people still seem to choose a solution that is cluttered with past failures. Around and round the problem they go. Some attempt to try old solutions - just quicker! Or, they try failed thoughts, but increase the VOLUME! (Obviously problems are afraid of noise?) Basically, people keep attempting the same solutions they always have, ending with the same, or very similar, results each time. 

Breaking Beliefs

People’s reaction to Mind Mutter always fascinates me. Initially everyone is skeptic about the “voices” in our head, but as I explain what they are and what effect the muttering has, people immediately recognize the behavior in themselves.

Shackles and Shovels

Rotten relationships, warped business deals and limp self-image! All these are consequences of what we think, of what we believe. What really ticks my anger boxes is that these thoughts, these opinions that so limit us, are of our own choosing! Really? Yes, the ridiculous “BS” that we subject ourselves to is all self-inflicted.

Every time we go through some experience, we code it into our belief system, either as something that will limit and prohibit us or as something that would empower and give us permission. Limiting permission beliefs are like a shackle around your ankle designed to slow you down.  Empowering permission beliefs are like a shovel to a gardener – useful!  Click Here To Read Full Article...