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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Development Happens

Development Happens
Progressive, adaptable and intelligent - don't each one of us believe that we ourselves hold these qualities. I am a big fan of Ted Talks. I religiously watch two or three talks on a daily basis. Some I watch the same talk two or three times to wrap my little brain around the concepts being shared, sometimes I watch the talk only once because it resonates so deep inside of me to confirm what I already believe or think.  There hasn't been a talk that I would criticise, until now.

Today I watched a talk Entitled: 7 seconds to change your life: Alistair Horscroft at TEDxNoosa 2014: This is a well constructed and slow moving talk to inform the viewers that the subconscious mind processes information faster than the conscious mind. In making a decision the subconscious mind formulates an opinion and feeds the results through to the conscious mind. Seven seconds later, the person responds - seemingly making the decision from the conscious mind!

I agree! The subconscious mind processes information at a much faster rate. It forgets nothing, it retains everything. Opposite to the conscious minds linear problem solving process (i.e. it solves the problem of going from A to Z by A, B, C, D, ..... and so on), the subconscious has a random problem solving process (i.e. it solves the same problem of going from A to Z by following a random pattern - A, X, B, M, .... ). There is much evidence to support Mr Horscroft's presentation.

In fact, it was near the end of the video that I got lost. Mr Horscroft suggests that people and institutes in the field of human development should take into account that the subconscious mind's ability to process information quicker into account when suggesting solutions. Ping! That triggered something in me. For more than twenty years I have been lecturing, presenting self development courses in schools, in business, at independently organised events - On Mind Mutter!

The subconscious mind doesn't solve problems by randomly selecting solutions, rather it randomly seeks and locates solutions specifically based on beliefs we hold as true. These beliefs the subconscious mind uses to feed solutions to our conscious mind are based on past experiences. The past experiences control and dictate the solutions to the new problems we experience. This imposed solution making process is Mind Mutter.

Mind Mutter is not a new phenomenon. It is something that has been around since the formation of human kind. For years people in human development have been coaching and training others to embrace the speed and power of the subconscious mind, harnessing Mind Mutter to develop extraordinary outcomes in our personal lives. The path of personal development has been AND is the path of understanding the effect of the subconscious mind on our daily decision making.

As I was forming a stinging response to the talk that I could send to Mr Horscroft, I noticed that the talk is not a recent one. The indignation i felt dropped to the floor, replaced by a knowing of embarrassment. Maybe, I thought to myself, at the time of the talk Mr Horscroft made the best decision available to him? Maybe Mr Horscroft would make a different decision today because of his experienced gained since the talk?

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