EEK! vs. YAWN!

Personal development centers around goal setting. The central theme for most motivational or self development speakers and courses,  revolve around the participants ability to effectively engage and achieve goals.

Talking to many people daily about goals and goal setting, I have realized that most regard this as a daunting task! As much information as there is available, it seems to me that a lot of people shy away from this simple yet effective step in achieving success.

In questioning those that avoid goal setting, I have discovered that most of the goals they have set fall into one of two categories: "EEK!" or "YAWN!". As a result, people quickly lose interest in achieving their goals, and they fall aside like New Years Resolutions on the 2nd of January!

To correct this mistake in goal setting, we will look at the meaning of "EEK!" and "YAWN! Our internal dialogue plays an essential role in the achievement of goals. Our internal dialogue is the voice inside of us that never rests, is ever relentless in its responsibility to keep you safe, secure and on course. Please, understand that this inner voice's intention is to preserve your well being.

As a result of this well meaning conversationalist in our heads, we have a personalised built-in alarm system. This voice will give you a good indication on whether or not your goals will succeed. As you set your goal, be aware of the inner voices reaction.

If the reaction is YAWN!  That is a clear indication that your inner dialogue is of the impression your goal has no challenge and is therefore - useless. Your internal motivation system will dis-engage. Your personal drive will fade. The goal will remain un-completed!

The EEK! response has a sliding scale of effectiveness. If the initial EEK! is massive! Panic! It's likely that your internal system will regard the goal achievement as impossible and unrealistic, or worse yet, as a threat to your well being. Our automatic "flight" mode will take us out of harms way! The goal will remain un-completed!

In reality, we do require some level of EEK! in our goals. It is ideal to have a certain level of challenge that will generate excitement as we tackle our adventure. Its of great benefit to set a goal in a manner that will cause the serotonin in the brain to flow. The "feel-good" chemical that the body naturally produces will draw your focus to the achievement of that specific goal.

As a person focused on success, I naturally set goals that are on the EEK! scale. I am careful to breakdown my EEK! goals to a size that will enthuse and excite me. When I have set the goal, and my inner voice's mouth waters ... I know I have set the goal at the right level of EEK! I know all the internal motivation systems, all the capabilities and capacity I own, gather for one purpose - success!

You may not slobber or drool over the prospects of achieving your goal, but you will have to personally identify the EEK! level that motivates you. You want it at a level that draws you to complete the goal, almost enticing you to get results! That's when you know you will achieve the goal!

I know that by playing with the sliding scale on the success side of YAWN, you will click into your personal EEK!drive mode, your personal achievement zone, as it were, and you will be unstoppable!

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