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Monday, 29 June 2015

Dear Me! To Be Read 21 Feb 2029!

Hey older me! Hahaha  Happy birthday!! Here you are at 60. Congrats on the car. I hope its our colour. My Colour. Your Colour. Ag wat, you know what I mean.
I hope the training for the Loskop marathon is going well. You should have been training for more than a month by now.

I trust Izabella had a good birthday. She has just turned 5 in my time. She will be 19 in your time. I hope she still likes dragons and fairies at 19. Although, I think kids change so much these days. The time of innocence is gone. I promise you this - I will do my best to keep her believing in magic. And God. And you need to do the same my old friend. She is important to me. She is about to move to JHB, with her mom. Do you remember? A rough week to say the least. I am going to do everything in my power to make the best of it. I am gonna do what I can to make sure she is at your birthday party today.

I have thought a lot about you this week. I have decided to make some changes in my life. I have to do things now to make it better for you today. I have been at the gym. Swimming and running. That's just on the health side. I figured that if I don't do something you are gonna land up as an old gypsy on your jack. And that's not cool. Loneliness is no ones friend.

Gypsys have families. Big ones. So I am gonna do what I can to make sure that happens for you. Hahaha Marry a lady with lots of children so I can miss the nappies!! Oh cheer up you old codjer, I'm just joking. Maybe.
The plan is for you to enrol at varsity to study law now that you are 60! Oh yes it is! You need to think back to my time. This is something I decided, and you, my old friend, are the one to make it happen.

Most of all, I hope there is someone nice in your life. Someone that gets you. Your train of thought, and sense of humour. (Although you are 60. I dunno if you are gonna have a train of thought. Hahaha. For me its all about thinking, so that will probably be the first thing to go. Well no, its the eyes. Hell, I hope you have a drivers license!!) I hope she is nice. And treat her like you have always loved her. Because you have. Well, since today (my time) anyway. And if she has children, make them part of your life. Treat them like they were your blood. Make her laugh. That's always been my thing, laughing that is. I hope is still a thing for you - to make her laugh?

Families are strange things. The best ones are not always blood lines. Just be sure there are laugh lines. That's the only sign of aging I will accept from you. Oh, and the grey. But, its been like that for a while.

And if you haven't published - PUBLISH!!!!!!

I love you, me, ag ... you know what I mean., You gotta make this the best year ever. And give Boo the biggest hug, and tell her, I love you long time. She will know what it means.

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