8 Universal Life Skills

8 Universal Life Skills
(everyone should have)

There is no doubt that the world we live and its inhabitants are changing. Professional communication, access to information, more contact with diverse groups of people; are just three ways over the last decade in which the demands on each person personally has changed.

Adaptability was an ability that was favoured, but has become an essential life skill to ensure personal survival in this ever changing world.

In this shockwave of change that happens every once in a while, it is evident that there are some life skills that are no longer important and fall away. Some life skills move to the foreground of importance, proving their worth in this modern age of change.

The list of life skills shared here is not comprehensive:

1.       Identifying and solving problems: The ability to correctly identify and solve the real issue is a skill that is growing in demand. Patching pseudo-solutions to problems is no longer acceptable in our personal lives or at work. Real solutions are called for!

2.       Communication: Not just gossip or idle chat. The skill of gathering essential information, analyzing it, and using it to communicate effectively is an art and a skill that is growing in demand.

3.       Team Work: Companies require people to be team players. Super Achieving teams are rare and oh so valuable in our modern markets. Fewer companies have time for drama and egos in the workplace, requiring individuals to be competent, capable of communicating and confident in who they are. (5

4.        Organising and managing oneself: It is true. Life is more complicated now than at any time in history. Life requires people to be competent and capable at managing their time and resources in an efficient and effective manner.

5.       Data Management: Business or Personal life requires us to manage data. The demand for people competent at gathering, sorting, correctly grouping and accurately interpreting data is growing as each day passes. The modern age of information puts a lot more information at peoples finger tips, we now need people to be capable of understanding that data.

6.       Understanding the world as a set of related systems:  No one, no system, no business is a silo, or island – independent and unrelated to the world around them. Each of us has an impact that can be measured on our surroundings; our environment, on our families, on our friends, on our community and on our country. What is needed is people that understand that the world is a set of related system and take responsibility for the influence they have.

       7.       Cultural and Aesthetic Awareness and Sensitivity:  Our village is no longer limited to the twenty or so people that we may physically see in a space of 12 hours. It has grown as we meet, impact and influence people all over the planet. It is time to open our eyes to diversity, not as a reason to separate us, but as a reason to celebrate and appreciate one another.

8.        Use of Science and Technology: Our workplaces are more demanding.  The need to be efficient is growing. The logical answer is to utilize science and technology to assist us in our workplace and at home too. Preparing future generations to think about and use available technology is essential for their survival in an ultra modern age.

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