4 Principles of "Buy-In"

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Principles of Buy-In

Developing a following is not as simple as one may think. Having a cause, a concept or a project where you need the help of others will require them to “buy-in” to your vision. I have watched many leaders and entrepreneurs sweat to get jus a small handful of followers. This initial phase of little to no acceptance can cause leaders to doubt in themselves and/or the cause for which they stand, and becomes the turning point when they crack and slink into the “number 2 position,” wounded and humiliated.

Don’t let your leadership capacity get whipped into believing you were meant to play second-in-command to someone else’s leadership. Neither you nor the world will benefit from this victim mentality. Stay strong and push until you get a break through. Listed below are a few useful principles that will help you remain strong and focused during times of little or no support:

1.       People buy into the Leader first, Vision second:

The leader needs to develop and grow, as all eyes will be on them. People click into and relate to the leader, and then they pick up the flame of the vision. The leader will need to continue to grow in order to maintain follower’s buy-in.

2.       Witnessing the birth of a vision causes committed buy-in:

It is very exciting to watch the birth of a vision and a mission. Followers gain a deep understanding of the purpose if they witness the visions birth, and connect to it in a deep and intimate manner.

3.       People buy in after contributing to plan of vision or cause:

Everyone likes to have their little say in the development of the plan. Everyone likes to feel that they have contributed to the plan in some way, even if it’ only to print it themselves and hang it on the wall

4.       People buy in to the vision when they can see the value of their contribution:

People stand back and look at the plan and the process, admiring the craftsmanship, and hope to find their slot somewhere in the mix. People want to feel that they can contribute to the team, otherwise why are they part of the team? But “buy-in” evokes more than a “I was there too” sentiment. People want to know they contribute to something bigger than themselves, something that added value, something beautiful.

People always play a role in our growth and success. It is good to realise that as a leader you will have to work to get and maintain their buy-in. Grow yourself, grow your vision in public view and let other share in the magic too.

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