Develop a Relentless Passion to Win!

Relentless dedication to winning separates the successful leader from the crowd. Whether success is correcting a social wrong like Ghandi, or cornering a segment of the I.T. Market to earn millions like Bill Gates, you commitment must be energetic, unforgiving and never-ending until victory is in the bag!

Great leaders all have this in common: They are unwilling to accept anything less than pure VICTORY! The alternative to winning is totally unacceptable and foreign to them, driving them to find the path to success
Image result for youtube successA quick YouTube Search of Steps to success will reveal a number of videos by various leaders, business people and famous celebrities with their own version of 10 steps to success. After watching a dozen or so of the videos you will realise that each person has their own perspective of what it takes to be successful. One thing will stand out as a common point for each person offering tips to success – Unwillingness to fail that drives their passion to succeed!

The best of the leaders feel compelled to do their very best for their teams or their cause. Having this mind set results in their undying belief in Victory, where quitting is not an option, losing is unacceptable, passion is all consuming and winning is the only obvious outcome.

Driven by this attitude, even you will rise to the challenge, focused on the vision and willing to conquer all the challenges in order to take your team to victory. The mystery of Success has been uncovered a long time ago – it lies in your desire to win!

As a leader, foster your passion for success and grow an unquenchable desire for victory in your team members too. Here are three elements that will help you foster an unstoppable attitude for success:

1.       Unity of Vision: Regardless of how talented or skilled your team happens to be, Victory only comes when everyone in the team unites behind the vision and their efforts are congruent to achieving it!

2.       Diverse Skills, Common Belief: Every team needs the full range of skills to be successful, but these skills must be driven by a common belief – That Success is possible!

3.       Leader dedicated to Success Develops Potential: Without hesitation, I believe that Track record trumps potential every time. A leader that is dedicated to success will draw team members potential into habits and skills that foster a great  track record, and when this process is refined and repeated, victory is the result!

How desperate are you for Victory? How you answer that question will reveal whether success is in the cards for you or not. Commitment is what gets the hungry leader through the drought and into harvest season! When times are tough, everything is bleak, and the world seems set to destroy you, as a Leader you need to lean on your commitment to victory. Commitment means – even when you don’t feel like it, you get up, you show up and you get fired up!

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