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Our beliefs are what makes us, and our beliefs are what breaks us. Our internal world has such a major impact on the outward consequences. So, it was no surprise to me that amongst the most common beliefs of excellence held as true by the top performing companies is a statement that talks directly to our internal resources. Well, sort of.

The eighth belief of excellence that I would like to share with you here is : People have all the resources that they need.

"No I don't!" This was my initial reaction to this statement. I looked at my business, the cash flow, my bank statements and thought how I could use a lot more resources than I possessed at the time. I am sure everyone would like to have ac-cess to a little more resources than they have available to them. Especially newly launched entrepreneurs, struggling with cash flow in their start-ups.

I regard myself as a tea-spoon in life. I believe my function in the bigger picture is to stir people. Awaken the latent potential that is in within every person I meet. Often I prompt people about what career path they have chosen in life. More often than not, people comment on how they would like to be in a business of their own. I am quick to enquire as to why it is that they are not in a business of their own, a career of their own choosing. The number one reason people claim that they are not in their own business, without fail, is because they insist that they do not have the required resources to get them going.

This is a real limitation for many people, but often the limitation is a perceived one. When defining "resources" people often include and stop with—MONEY! I agree that money is a wonderful resource to have available in any business, but it is not the only re-sources required to initialise and operate a business.

By accepting - "People have all the resources they require" - as true, I unleashed a creative side of my own problem solving capabilities. I became innovative at utilising what I had in the best possible ways. I learned to do more than make the most of what I had. I discovered I could do my best with what was available to me. By accepting this statement as true, I consciously decided that there must be a solution to each of my problems, whether they were personal, relationship or business problems. There is a solution within my reach, I had to open my eyes, ears, and innovativeness to find it and apply it in a way that would get me the results I desired.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that by holding this belief as true, that you will become instantly rich! No! The real power of accepting—people have all the resources that they require—as true, is the instant removal of all excuses, reasons and obstacles that could prevent me from reaching my fullest potential. When I decide that no obstacle will pre-vent me from reaching my goals, it is as if God removes the scales from my eyes that pre-vented me from seeing the solution. This is a truth as old as the hills themselves—there is a solution to every problem. I just have to find and apply it.

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