Mind Mutter Intent

Before we explore Mind Mutter as the Average enforcer, it is essential that you understand the importance of the Internal Voice and the Benefits that it carries. In the previous articles I have share the general opinion and view concerning Mind Mutter. I needed to explain the effect that Mind Mutter can have. With that in mind, I have looked at the negative influence that Mind mutter can and will have in most people's lives.
Again I want to emphasis - like a gun, Mind Mutter is a tool in the hands of the user and can be applied to destroy, or it can be used to grow and feed. The choice is yours! Many people have used Mind Mutter in a positive and motivational way that has thrust them to greatness. That’s what I want you to understand! You can use YOUR MIND MUTTER to get out of life exactly what you want!

In order to utilize Mind Mutter in a manner that is beneficial to your personal development, it is important that you get to know Mind Mutter. Get to know the "in's and out's" of Mind Mutter. Get to know from where the inner voice speaks. Be familiar with the various tones and attitudes of Mind Mutter. Most Importantly - KNOW THE INTENT OF MIND MUTTER!

Mind Mutter is a part of who you are. Your survival, your ambition, your success is at the very heart of all that Mind Mutter communicates. Your well being is essential to Mind Mutter. In many ways Mind Mutter is like a best friend. He or she will not always tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes the best friend is responsible for telling you what you need to hear. We don’t always like the truth, nor do we always want to hear it, especially not from someone so close.

People don’t like criticism, especially from people that are close to us, our loved ones, our family, our best friends - and least of all - FROM OURSELVES! The criticism given by Mind Mutter is not intended to break you down nor to humiliate you (although in most cases that’s exactly what happens). The purpose of Mind Mutter: is to keep you living your life at your life average!

Like a "best friend," Mind Mutter knows our strengths and weaknesses, knows what we are capable of and knows the full extent of our potential. Mind Mutter knows when we sell ourselves short, living below the level mediocrity and also knows when we are being too ambitious, dreaming beyond our potential. Mind Mutter, like a best friend will not keep quiet when he or she observes those behaviours and attitudes. Mind Mutter jumps into action and corrects the imbalances in our ambition. Sitting at the steering wheel of our internal motivation and expectation, Mind Mutter steers us back to the average of our life. Sometimes that means taking us down a notch or five, and sometimes it means picking us up several notches. Either direction, for whatever reason, Mind Mutter aims to keep us at the average of our life. It seems to me, that you and I had better explore what the "life Average" actually means…

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