4 Ways to Add Value s a Leader

Add Value as a Leader in these 4 Areas

One of the most elusive callings on this planet is that of a leader. General misgivings about leaders result in managers and entrepreneurs labeling themselves as leaders, robbing the concept of its single greatest asset – the ability to serve! Leadership is synonymous, and one cannot talk about leadership without talking about servanthood. 

If you still reading this after the dreaded word (servanthood) appeared in the article – congratulations! The potential for you to be a true leader is great, but don’t sign up to be a waiter for mankind just yet. Leadership is about adding value to others.

The mindset of servanthood or leadership is born from understanding three key elements: Knowing from where you have come, knowing what’s in your hand, and knowing where you are going. Read the full article here. These three elements, born from a powerful vision, mixed with a healthy dose of self worth, with prevent the leader from being a doormat, and promote true leadership from a serving heart.

The nature of serving leadership is about adding value to others. This is contrary / opposite to the normal selfish nature of mankind, as witnessed in the self serving ways of most people in positions of authority or power. Leadership shouldn’t be about advancing ourselves; it should be about advancing others. Serving leadership is about offering value to those we lead, to those we serve.

The four basic areas serving leaders add value to include:

      1.       Value Personal Development: Respecting and engaging in personal development increases your personal worth to others. The more you grow, the more you have to offer those that you lead. Teams cannot grow beyond the level of the leader, so you become their limiter, or their enabler. Read a full article here. Or read 5 Areas of Growth fora Leader

        2.       Value Others: Not harming others is a noble start, however, a leader seeks to intentionally help and assist others, because of their worth. Recognizing another’s ability and guiding them to a point where they can fulfill their God-given mission is a powerful way to value them. If you wonder whether you value others or not – the answer is probably not.

Valuing others is a conscious act, and will be easily recognized by others. We are talking about offering tokens of gratitude to followers. No! We are talking about valuing them as people, and the contributions they have to make as leaders in their own right.
3.       Value through Others: This requires you as the serving leader to go beyond just valuing others (tall order to mere mortals), and value through them. Recognize and understand what others value, acknowledging what is important to them.

A leader does this by listening to people’s personal values and beliefs, then leading on the basis of what you have heard. This will require you as the leader to be a skilled listener.

4.       Value through God: This requires the serving Leader to be aware of what is important to God, sensitive to what is important to Him, and acting accordingly. God want the leader to respect others and to serve them.

A leader’s attitude affects the spirits of the entire team. Being a serving leader that adds value will earn you more respect and cooperation, and your team will function from a positive place of efficiency and effectiveness. Isn’t that what we want as leaders?
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