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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

6 Things Others Respect in a True Leader

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6 Things Others Respect in a True Leader

In the orders society of dogs, there is always a leader for the team. Should the existing leader lose the favour of the pack through injury, illness or age; another dog with leadership capacity will step into the role and assume authority. Dogs don’t care who the leader is, as long as there is a leader.

Chance are, the successor will be a dog that has proven worth earlier and demonstrated his or her capabilities for which he or she won the packs respect and admiration. Similarly, people recognize the capacity for leadership in others too, drawn in by admiration and respect.

Many desire the position of leadership, but it is not a role for which one can crown yourself. Rather, leadership is a result of people recognizing your capacity and respecting your abilities - and then decide to follow you! This process often occurs by evolution, rather than revolution.

Below is a list of traits of a Leader that draws people’s attention and respect:

1.       Mission and Vision: A clear vision and a strong sense of purpose are attractive in a leader. People want hope and direction and are easily drawn to leaders that have a vision of value.

2.       Authenticity: Genuine people that are clear in intent with no alternative agendas easily gain the respect and admiration of others.

3.       Natural Leadership Ability: Natural leadership is more than just having a vision, it is the ability to inspire others to buy into and be a part of that vision.

4.       Respect for Others: Recognizing a leader’s respect for others – especially for those of a lesser authority or position, earns the respect of those that surround the leader. As you continue to respect and value people, people will continue to respect and follow you.

5.       Loyalty: Loyalty, like trust is earned, and springs from a mutual base. You as leader stick with and be committed to team members and they will be loyal and stick with you as the leader.

6.       Success: Success breeds success, and as a leader guides the team to personal or group success, so confidence and respect in the leader’s ability will grow. Don’t limit your understanding of success to the traditional trims and trapping (car, house, money, position). People are also looking for success in their personal development, such as: overcoming fears, habits and achieving goals.

Of one thing you can be sure, it won’t be your desire to be a leader that will win the respect of those around you. Consistent display and proving yourself in the areas above will result in people recognizing you as a leader, and they will choose to follow you willingly. Treat that privileged position with care and respect, because there is always another dog in the pack grooming him or herself for the opportunity to wear the tag.

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