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Sunday, 4 December 2016

What is Life Average

What is “Life Average?”

Each of us has a list of responsibilities and roles that we perform every day. The number of roles will vary from person to person depending on age, ambition and personality traits. For example: you could be a child, a parent, an employee or an employer. Maybe you are sporty and hold some activity roles too. Perhaps you are a spouse, or maybe you are single. All these roles work together to form our own identity, who we are, and will shape our personalities.
Regardless of the number of roles you have, they all fall within one of eight areas of life. The eight include: Romantic, Friends and Family, Citizenship, Career, Wealth, Health, Spirituality and Life Style. As our nature is, we rate the success of these areas to determine how well we are doing in life, albeit subconsciously.
Try it now! Rate how successful your Romantic Life is: Are you at the top level of happiness and understanding in your romantic relationship? Then score a 10. Are you just floating along? Maybe score a 4 or 5. Are you single ad unhappy about it? Maybe score a 0 or a 1. Now do the same for each of the other 7 areas in life. Once you have scored each area, add all the scores up. Now you have a score out of 80 points. Divide the score you have by 8, and you will be left with a Life Average number.

Scoring a life average in this manner is open to “interpretation”, and people will either score themselves higher (fooling only themselves into believing they are doing better than they really are) or lower (hoping others will sympathise with their position but at least acknowledge the effort). Personality and other psychological tests help us to gauge ourselves more accurately. If we accurately know where we are, we better understand what we need to do in order to get where we want.
The shocking thing about Life Average is that our inner voice (Mind Mutter) will make sure that we always live on or close to this level. Should one role rise above the average it will be slowly chipped down till it is in line with the average once again. Even if we dip below the line and live below average, Mind Mutter will arrange support and help for the role that has fallen.

Life Average has a direct impact on your wealth, personal relationships, your business and your general sense of well being and success in life. It is crucial to understand not only Life Average, but also Mind Mutter, in Leadership and Entrepreneurial development.
Do you want more from life? Do you want more for your leadership ability? Do you want more from your business? Then you need to grow your Life Average as a whole! Develop and nurture a role or two in each area of life simultaneously in order to grow the overall number. Anam Cara’s Life Development Programmes will help you raise your life average by a couple of points each year in a sustainable and simple way.

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