Mind and Body United

Mind And Body United

The greatest companies of our time have one thing in common, as discovered by researchers—a set of common beliefs of excellence. We all have beliefs, at to some degree or another our beliefs either limit or potential or unlock our greatness. It seems that these common beliefs bring success to those that are taught them and apply them in their business dealing. Are these magical statements or chants with mystical powers. No, not at all. They are beliefs, that if held as true, change the holders view of the world, making people better learners, patient, inquisitive and curious. All of these are the underlying traits of great business.

In a series of articles I have discussed 5 of these beliefs. With there being a total 10 beliefs of excellence, I continue the series here with the belief statement: Mind and Body are part of the Same System.

This may seem as if I am stating the obvious here, however, very few people understand the concept. I cannot separate my mind from the reactions it causes in my body, nor can I change the effect my body has on my mind. It is quite simple—what affects us physically affects us emotionally and vice versa. Have you ever seen the body posture of someone that is excited? Naturally, they smile, their eyes are wide open, their chin is up, and energy abounds. Could you ever associate this type of body language with someone that is down trodden and depressed? No, of course not. Someone that is feeling down trodden and depressed will demonstrate behaviour that is common with that type of thinking.

Have you ever been worried about something? Where you aware of what that worry did to your body? Did you notice some muscle tension? Do you get headaches when you stress? Does your skin react adversely to adversity? Do you suffer weight loss when you feel anxiety? All these are emotional symptoms having a direct result on our physical bodies. What about the other way around? Have you ever had a toothache but where still able to fully enjoy a Friday night out? I doubt it. Do you recall the last time you had serious pain? The chances are that you walked around (or lay down) feeling sorry for your-self, fed up and a little depressed.

Our internal system, i.e.: our perceptions, emotions and thoughts—cause and simultaneous reaction in our body. When we interact with someone else, and we perceive their external reactions—our subconscious mind picks up he signals, and helps us understand their internal communications to make sense of the world. A side effect of our cyber world of emailing and texting has caused people to lose their ability to correctly decipher the signals others send out when we are communicating face to face.

By learning to control either one you automatically learn TO CONTROL THE OTHER. This control will also allow you to perceive and better understand the full—internal and external—representations that other people will provide during their communication with you. This control also allows you to better choose the ideal response for the situation—whether it be an emotional response or a physical response. Instead of just being a reactionary to outside stimulation you assume pro-active responses to those stimuli. This control returns the power and responsibility of reaching our ultimate goal to us personally.

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