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Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Absurdity of Leadership

The Absurdity of Leadership  

5 Spooky Principles for Quantum Theory Leadership
Researching the concept of leadership and seeking a definitive description for a leader, the results show that leadership could start simply being described as “personal responsibility for leading and directing one’s own life”, to the complexity in defining the roles and functions of a Multimillion Dollar Organisation’s CEO.
The scripts on leadership are as opposing as they are many, describing how leadership should be handled from the front to the concept of leading from the back, with a little “lead from the middle” injected into the mix for added absurdity.

Nowhere in nature nor science are the laws for any single concept as conflicting and random as for leadership! Oh, wait a minute! There is a science that is as absurd and as spooky, and studying it may offer some keys to understanding leadership.

Would you be open to lightly exploring the science of Quantum Mechanics in order to better understand leadership? As it is a dynamic and progressive field (and not being a scientist), I hesitate to explain the complete Quantum Theory in this article, except for the bits to help introduce the concept of Quantum Theory Leadership.

The word Quantum is derived from the Latin meaning “how much”, and relates to a science where particles are studied on a subatomic level. (It will greatly benefit your understanding, and magically turn this article from blah-blah into “WTF”, if you were to watch the 3 video clips offered here).

Study has revealed that a single particle on the subatomic level can have insanely opposing behaviours and qualities, much like the principles of leadership. Five qualities or characteristics of the particles demand a special look (and can be insanely compared to leadership): both the observer and observed particle are changed by observation, particles are predominantly made up of empty space, particles can be both visible and invisible, Particles can superposition (be in two places at once), Entanglement allows particles to share and fully own all their characteristics.

Let’s briefly look at these five areas of Quantum Theory in the light of Leadership:

1.       Both the observer and the observed particle change because of the observation. It is a known scientific dilemma that the results of scientific experiments can be and are influenced by the expectations of the observers. This phenomenon is beautifully transposed into leadership, as both leader and follower can and are changed by interaction and by the observation of leadership.

2.       Particles are predominantly made up of empty spaces. This fact fascinates scientists. If a particle was as big as your fist, the actual bits of the fist sized particle wouldn’t fill a teaspoon, but would be so insanely heavy it would be impossible to lift. The roles and functions of leadership are sparse too, but if executed correctly - the weight of the influence of that leadership would be megatons!

  3.       Particles can be both visible and invisible. It’s true! Leadership can be both visible or invisible, with function undiminished by its visibility, true leadership’s influence remains intact whether people are aware of that influence or not.

      4.       Particles can superposition – that is: be in two places at the same time. I know! It sounds unreal. A leader has the ability to function in two distinct areas at any given time, without diminishing capacity, and in fact - could collide with itself!

       5.       Entanglement allows particles to both share and fully own all their characteristics. (Best watch the video’s to fully comprehend the magnitude of this statement) Not only can particles share, give away or fully swap attributes with another particle – instantaneously! It can do this over great distances. A leader can share characteristics with followers or tasks, or in an instant become the balancing equation required to equal out the characteristics of followers.

Explanations and definitions in this article are set to tickle your interest, and keep you coming back for more as we progressively seek a way in which to measure and definitively describe and quantify the absurd nature of leadership.

Over the next few articles, we will look at the absurd nature of Quantum Theory and apply it to leadership to offer a tangible and dynamic approach that allows the leader to be adaptable, influential and extremely efficient. Quantum Theory Leaders will become the leading edge by which all leadership will be measured.  

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