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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

3 K's of Leadership Development

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The 3 K's of Leadership Devlopment
John C. Maxwell’s Law of the Lid in Leadership is a profound lesson, and forms the basis of the company I own – Anam Cara – Equipping tomorrow’s leaders today.

The Law of the Lid details how an organisation, company or project can be limited in growth by the growth (or lack thereof) of the leader.  The development and progress of the company or team is directly related to the development of the leader.

It comes as no surprise then that the top leaders in the world are learners and readers. The entire personal and leadership development industry is built on the premise that the leader must grow.

Listed below are three areas in which a leader should ensure development and growth:

The Three K’s of Leadership Growth

       1.       Know where you have come from:  Knowledge of your roots is fed by Knowledge of you and who you are. Know who you are, know your strengths and weaknesses, understand your leadership style. Self awareness gives birth to confidence and clarity of one’s mission in life. Below is a suggested list of areas to invest your self knowledge:                                                   

  i.      Values

ii.      Empowering and Limiting Beliefs

iii.      Personality strengths and weaknesses

iv.      Creativity Style

  v.      Communication Style

vi.      Leadership style

       2.       Know what you have in your hand: Understanding of your own skills, abilities and knowledge will give you a great foundation from which to build. This knowledge will give you a map on how to grow your team, as you select members that compliment your skills and abilities, bringing added strengths and resources to your teams mix. Below is a list of skills and abilities of which you should keep track:

                                                               i.      Leadership style

                                                             ii.      Management Style

                                                            iii.      Delegation Skills

                                                           iv.      Planning skills

                                                             v.      Conflict Management abilities

                                                           vi.      Team Development

                                                          vii.      People Skills

       3.       Know where you are going: Vision and purpose becomes the grease that keeps the wheels of leadership turning. Be sure your vision is active, current and just ever so slightly – challenging! Areas on which to focus that will help you stay on track include:

                                                               i.      Understanding Vision and Mission

                                                             ii.      Knowledge of Strategy and Goal Setting

                                                            iii.      Motivation and influence skills

                                                           iv.      Measurement Strategies to monitor progress

Knowledge of where you have come from, knowledge of what you have in your hand and knowledge of where it is you are going are three areas that prepare leaders for their greatest challenge – servant hood!

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